Domestic freight forwarding

Domestic freight forwarding

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Logistics services: With experience in forwarding and warehousing, GREENONE may understand and effectively fulfill different Customer’s needs of forwarding and transportation. We will transport not only super-loaded and super-heavy cargo for super-big projects but also small packages through airport security border. Advantages of GREENONE logistics are flexible application of suitable forwarding step, ensures timely customs declaration, and save time and cost for Customers. GREENONE provide a straight through process (STP) from receiving cargo, packaging, storing, leasing means of transportation, dealing with customs procedures, and delivering to destination (usually works, factories or warehouses) as requested and designated by Customers.

Our greatest purpose is to minimize the time for transportation. The available services are:

  • Documentation, insurance, inspection.
  • Loading/unloading/stevedore.
  • Inland haulage.
  • Tallying.
  • Packing, picking and labeling.
  • Storage.
  • Distribution.
  • Door to door delivery.

Customs procedures: Professional and experienced staffs of GREENONE will help freight owners to complete customs procedure most effectively and efficiently. This will not only help save time for freight owner but also certify responsiblity and quality of customs declaration service of GREENONE.

  • Electronic customs declaration, remote customs decleration.
  • Use special-purpose softwares for customs declaration.
  • Satisfy all Customer’s demands of customs declearion.
  • Inland waterway transport: GREENONE is in the process of building and developing domestic transport route through the waterway with various services including north-south waterway transport and vice versa, door to door service with the transfer of professional container trucks.

  • Inland road transport: GREENONE provide transport services by road, especially the north-south transport route with full service door to door follow the request of customers. We have liability insurance carrier, so customer will be assured with GREENONE services.

  • Services:

  • Full container transport.
  • Loading/unloading/stevedore.
  • Advantage:

  • Transport times faster.
  • Simple procedures.
  • Door to door service.
  • Forwarding and door to door service.



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